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Here he is — Janaka Mahajana!

The ISKCON leader!

He led the ISKCON Estonia for more than four years. (Estonia is a little country with about 300 cloudy days a year, near to Santa Claus residence.) His birth name is Janek Rozalka, but sometimes he is hiding under the names 'John Knock' and 'Krishna Vipralambha seva das'.

He joined in the beginning of nineties and left for USA in 1997, where he was soon caught stealing money in the Kansas City temple. Please read the report about him here. Nevertheless merciful devotees took him back into the Estonian yatra and since because everyone else was exhausted in 1999 after building the temple here, he quickly became the chairman of the Temple Council although he wasn't even initiated.

One of his biggest project was to collect donations from all over the world to buy out the temple house that we are still renting. Many devotees donated. Including Kavichandra Swami, Niranjana Swami, Hridayananda das Goswami, Ambarisha Prabhu, Vaiyasaki Prabhu, Visvaretha Prabhu, Madhavendra Puri and many others.

Meanwhile we caught him instructing young bhakta to tell a lie to his own Guru Maharaja Danavir Goswami. Read about it here.

When it become clear that buying the house is impossible, our Temple Council together with GBC representative Bhakti Caitanya Swami, decided not to spend this money on other things but to invest it into real estate. So, mother Lokadristi who was a real estate broker at that time found a very nice apartment just 50 meters away from our temple and so the choice was made.
Janaka signed the contract of sale in December 2002 and this become our mataji ashram and a very expensive reconstruction was also undertaken there with this money. The only strange thing was that mother Lokadristi told devotees that Janaka had bought this apartment for himself, and hadn't registered the yatra as the owner of it although he paid for it from the yatra's bank account. GBC was informed in autumn 2003 but nothing happened. Local devotees who opposed to Janaka's activities were quickly demonized by the authorities. Finally he left Estonia, because practically nobody supported him anymore. And after some time, the locks of the apartment were changed and devotees were not let in anymore. Soon an advertisement appeared on the window stating that the apartment was for sale. So he sold it and kept all the money. When our new leaders asked for an explanation, he said that this apartment had belonged to him all the time and he had just let us use it. Yes, we knew that legally he was registered as the owner, but HE PAID FROM YATRA'S BANK ACCOUNT when he bought it! Nobody gave him a right to do this! He tried to fool us in many ways by saying that this apartment had been leased and that the bank was the owner of it and now the bank wanted its money back and he was forced to sell it. But it was all lies. In Estonia real estate owner's register is public and anyone can see from there to whom one or another apartment belongs or has belonged. So we knew all the time that Janaka was the only owner and no bank was involved. When you lease an apartment then a leasing company becomes the owner until you make the last payment to them. This wasn't the case here. The payment was made directly to the seller and no bank was involved. This is confirmed by mother Lokadristi who participiated in the process when the agreement was signed and it is confirmed also by the documents.

Nowadays Janaka lives in New Vrindavana and "serves" as a GBC Treasurer. He controls the money again! :) He is also inducing all others there to help him getting rich.


But this is not all. When money is not used for Krishna's service, Kali enters there. And this is exactly what has happened here in the Estonian yatra. Kali is now IN the yatra and it is very hard to kick him out. Although the leaders of Estonian yatra have figured all the facts out, they haven't gotten any solution from the GBC for solving this case inside of ISKCON. Leaders are afraid of going to the court themselves since they worry that Arjuna das, who was also a board member at the time when the apartment was bought, would be considered guilty, too or if they would lose the court case then they would be asked to cover the expenses and because they have no money their homes would be sold. Of course, this is not possible, but they are not conversant with the laws. In this way, instead of standing for the interests of the yatra they are standing for their own interests although even our GBC — Bhakti Caitanya Swami — has approved the court case. Here is his letter:

Dear devotees,

pamho. agtsp.

I feel it is worthwhile that this court case be pursued by Abhirama prabhu.
Please facilitate him as much as you are able, without implicating ISKCON
financially in the matter.



But Janaka, at the same time has a hard time to refrain from laughing. He continues to destroy this yatra even now while thousands of miles away.
We are a very young yatra and we are not very competent here. We started just in 1991 and we don't have Prabhupada's disciples or any other older devotees here. Now we have lost about 95% of our property too and the temple building rent agreement will also come to an end soon...

I offered all the help to represent our yatra in the court as I have successfully won one personal court case in 2007 and have some lawyer friends, but our official leaders won't agree to make the necessary papers for starting the criminal case because of their personal interests. Now, instead of facilitating me in solving this case, they told me that they will make the papers affirming that Janaka had gotten this money as a payment or a loan and that no money is missing, so there would be no case. This is how KALI works. This is very far from the righteousness which is the last pillar of religion as Srila Prabhupada has told us. It is not righteousness if leaders of the yatra stand for their own interest and if one devotee is trying to fight for Prabhupada's property, then he is not supported but let down instead. Now I may be charged for false accusations while standing up for Prabhupada's property simply because our leaders are hiding the truth by fabricating the papers.

Such lack of righteousness is destroying our movement as Srila Prabhupada has clearly explained in his books. We should never hide the truth and become as hypocritical as the Christian Church who is trying to hide the crimes committed by its members. We should always make such cases public as this is the only way to keep our movement pure. Such criminals are only misusing devotees' mercy and forgiveness.

THEREFORE all this case was published on Estonian TV and you can watch this video with English subtitles here.

Here we ask you all to please sign a petition.

Here you can also send an e-mail to Janaka Mahajana and thank him for his service if you wish.

UPDATE -- Janaka finally admitted stealing.

Letter PAMHO:15151618 (42 lines)
From:      Bhakti Caitanya Swami
Date:      12-Mar-08 08:28
To:        Abhirama (das) SKS (Estonia) [3172]  (received: 12-Mar-08 10:14)
To:        "Shyam Krishna das (bookkiper KTEK) Tallin Estonia"
             (sent: 12-Mar-08 08:29)
To:        "Vishvavasu das (Tallinn)"   (sent: 12-Mar-08
Cc:        Smita Krsna Swami (Sweden) [4380]  (sender: Abhirama (das) SKS
Cc:        Mathura Kishora (das) JPS (Estonia) [10635]  (forwarded: 12-Mar-08
           10:20)  (sender: Abhirama (das) SKS (Estonia))
Reference: Text PAMHO:15129961 by Internet: Shyam Krishna das (bookkiper KTEK)
           Tallin Estonia
Comment:   Text PAMHO:15152980 by Abhirama (das) SKS (Estonia)
Comment:   Text PAMHO:15153321 by Mathura Kishora (das) JPS (Estonia)
Comment:   Text PAMHO:15405012 by Abhirama (das) SKS (Estonia)
Subject:   FW: report
Visvavasu prabhu, kindly see that the leaders of the Tallinn yatra receive
copies of this message.


Dear devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

While I was in Mayapur for the GBC meetings I brought up the subject of
Janaka Mahajana prabhu and the sale of the flat in Tallinn to Braja Bihari
prabhu, the head of ISKCON Resolve. He specializes in conflict resolution,
mediation and other such services, within Srila Prabhupada's movement.

Braja Bihari prabhu and I met with Janaka Mahajana prabhu on the 26th and
27th of February, and in our discussions Janaka Mahajana prabhu explained
what had happened in the last few months he was in charge in Tallinn. He
will elaborate to you all in detail shortly, but essentially he was working
very hard, plus doing business, mainly for raising money for running the
temple. In the course of that he got into debt, and as a result he felt
forced to sell the flat to pay his debts.

This was very dishonest of him, and he had no right to do this. Once money
is donated it is the property of ISKCON, and nobody has the right to use it
for their personal purposes. We made this point very clear to him, and he
wants to apologize to all of you. After much discussion with Braja Bihari,
Janaka Mahajana has agreed to give $20,000 to the Estonian yatra. At this
point his financial situation in USA is not strong, so he will try to
contribute $200 per month towards that, and settle the amount as soon as

As I said, he will elaborate more on the details shortly. In the meantime I
feel it is important to remember all the service he did for the yatra, in so
many ways. Among many other things he raised substantial amounts of laksmi
for the temple, and we have to be grateful to him for that.

Hoping this meets you well.

Your servant,

Bhakti Caitanya Swami
(Text PAMHO:15151618) --------------------------------------
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare